Carmazzi's Chili Peppers & Mr. PIC

Carmazzi Company has been cultivating chili pepper plants for more than thirty years. Today, thanks to the width of the collection, the eminent collaborations and the improvements of production techniques, Mr. PIC, the brand that the Company uses to sell its products, enjoys internationally widespread appreciation.

Mr. PIC boasts:

  • more than 1.200 varieties of chili pepper plants (the "Massimo Biagi Collection"). It's the largest in Europe which every year offers the consumers the best peppers for flavor and yield;
  • ten years of collaboration with the Italian Academy of Chili Pepper and Massimo Biagi, a member of the University of Pisa who's one of the leading expert of chili peppers in the world;
  • no use of plant growth regulators and an absolute respect for the natural rhythms of plant;
  • a large number of new chili pepper plants varieties registered (f.e. Arlecchino Versilia®, Rustico Versilia®, Habanero Clover®, Habanero Gold®, Erotico®, Capezzolo di Scimmia®, Pimento del Sahara®, etc.);
  • the first italian product line dedicated to the lovers of spicy food.

The Carmazzi Company

Carmazzi's family started the business a hundred years ago in the small village of Torre del Lago, the heavenly place where the great opera composer Giacomo Puccini lived and found the inspiration. The first activities of the Company were extensive farming, production of cut flowers and organic vegetables. At the end of the 70's Marco Carmazzi became the leader of the Company replacing his father Eustachio and specializing the activity even further by producing flowering potted plants, aromatic plants, basil, strawberries and chili peppers. In 2012 Giacomo Carmazzi, who represents the fourth generation of the family, started to work in the Company that currently has 20.000 mq of high technology greenhouses, 5.000 mq of not covered cultivated fields and an annual production of more than 2.000.000 plants.