Mr PIC Tour

Enter the world of Carmazzi's Chilli Peppers and Edible Flowers with our Guided Tours!

You will discover curiosities and secrets about Edible Flowers and the largest collection of Chillies in Europe!

Minimum number of participants: 10 people.
The tour will last 1 hour and includes:

Visit to the organic edible flower greenhouse - an operator will lead you inside the greenhouse, where all our Edible Flower varieties are grown, showing you the cultivation, the main characteristics of the flowers, their nutraceutical properties. Enjoy a unique sensory journey!

Visit to the chilli peppers greenhouse - in the second part of the tour you will be lead in the greenhouse of chilli peppers and you'll discover scientific and gastronomic curiosities of the spicy fruit par excellence! You'll also explore the famous "Massimo Biagi" collection, which includes the largest number of varieties in Europe, many of which are exclusive to the Carmazzi Company.

Visit to Mr PIC showroom - the tour will end in Mr PIC showroom, where a tasting of our chilli products and organic edible flowers will be waiting for you. You'll also have the chance to buy Mr PIC gadgets and specialties, the first Italian line of high quality spicy products!

What are you waiting for? Contact us at 0584 340941 or email and book your visit to the company! The cost of the tour is € 5.00 per person, children under 15 do not pay.

Can't gather 10 people but still like to visit us? No problem!
Contact us at +39 0584 340941 or email and we’ll organize a personalized tour for you!