Mr. Pic comes from the passion for chili pepper, at the same time vegetable, fruit, aroma and spice. Mr. Pic chili peppers are certified Global Gap, organically produced without preservatives, colorings and regulators of growth. The winning weapon of Mr. Pic is the freshness that gives an original, unmistakable and "arrogant" taste to the "Mr. Pic" product lining, the perfect mix of cultivation and culture. Mr. PIC offers more than 1.200 varieties of organic certified plants and a line of high quality spicy food products.

The Company

Carmazzi Company

The Carmazzi Company is protagonist of organic production for many years. The Company has obtained many quality certifications that attest to the high level of the production.

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Mr PIC Store

From the spiciness of Mr PIC chili peppers comes the first Italian food line dedicated to the chili peppers' lovers that combines the quality of Carmazzi chillies to Italian tradition.

Mr PIC Tour

Mr PIC showroom

Enter the world of chili peppers and edible flowers through a unique journey in the greenhouses and in the Mr PIC showroom.

Visit the Showroom

Visit the Showroom

We wait for you at our corporate headquarters to discover Mr PIC products, the first product line in Italy dedicated to chili peppers.